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A History
    of Education & Service

Educating the public on the importance of the arts...

Promoting the arts as a viable industry in Kentucky...

Skills training for both established and upcoming artists and craftsmen...

        Those are the core mandates under which the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen was created by Governor Bert T. Combs in 1961. As an educational 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Kentucky Guild strives to fulfill this mission through educational workshops, public events, and by bringing attention to the impacts the arts have on Kentucky's economy and culture.  

        KGAC's first headquarters was in two L&N Railroad cars that hosted offices, gallery space, and classrooms. These cars would spend weeks at a time in different Kentucky communities. In March of 1961, the first Kentucky Guild fair was held on the Berea College campus as a fundraiser for the organization. Berea was chosen as KGAC's permanent headquarters in 1968 because of its central location, proximity to Berea College, and the community's numerous working artisans. 

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